Fee Schedule

75 Minute New Patient Appointment - $150.00
1 Hour Treatment - $115.00

** Osteopathic Manual Treatment is exempt from HST; while RMT services are not

Please note: As of January 21, 2019, treatment rates will be increasing slightly. A decision like this is never done lightly. The cost of your treatment reflects all the costs of running a small business and being a health care practitioner.; including administrative and overhead costs. In addition, the CMTO recently announced that the large increase in registration fees.

As of January 21, 2019 my treatment rates will be as follows:
75 Minute New Patient Treatment - $150.00 (No Change)
60 Minutes - $125.00
45 Minutes -$110.00
30 Minutes - $80.00

Please note: I am accepting new paediatric patients (children under 18 years). To best serve my patients, adults new to my practice can be placed on a wait list. If you matter is urgent, my office can provide referrals to other practitioners that I recommend.