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Baby & Infant Treatment

Osteopathy is very beneficial for newborns. Being born is one of the most stressful events we may ever experience. The soft bones of the baby's skull overlap as the contractile forces of the uterus squeeze the baby down the birth canal. Generally after birth, the moulding resolves naturally with feeding and crying. In some cases, some the strains remain.

Conditions were the strain is more likely to be unresolved include abnormal lie during the pregnancy, very difficult or quick deliveries, forcep interventions, breech or face presentations and premature and caesarian deliveries.

Osteopathy believes that retained moulding in the skull and restrictions in the baby's body are important factors that contribute to reflux, colic, difficulty feeding and latching, vomiting, irritability, constipation, poor sleep, ear infections, torticollis and plagiocephaly (misshapen skull).

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Treatment for Children

As the child grows, unresolved strains may lead to abnormal tension in the body. In older children, osteopathy may be used to treat those suffering from learning difficulties, ADHD, scoliosis, growing pains, congestion, ear infections, frequent colds and digestive issues. Osteopathy works with the body's natural drive toward health and well-being. This drive is strong in children and they often respond quickly to osteopathic treatment.

Treatment is beneficial in helping children as their body's go through rapid growth spurts and to help realign the body after falls and injuries. Resolving strains in a child can help prevent problems from developing at a later age or in adulthood.